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The Isaacs

The Isaacs known for their unique style that blends tight family harmony and acoustic instruments have encouraged millions with their faith and music.

Get a glimpse of their story of unshakable faith on Today’s Life.

Jimmy Fortune

Jimmy Fortune toured, sang and performed with the Statler Brothers for 21 years. This is his story of unshakable faith.

Tammy Daniel

Tammy Daniel shares her story of pain and the challenges that ended her marriage. She shares her hope in Christ no matter where you are in her story of unshakable faith.

Monica Schmelter

Monica Schmelter is best known for her weekly broadcasts that reach 50 million homes across the U.S. Her family history did not start out in the Christian faith, but God had other plans. This is her story of unshakable faith.

Michael O’Brien

Former Lead singer of the Band New Song, Michael O’Brien resets his priorities to reconnect with his family. This is his story of unshakable faith.

Lily Isaacs

Lily Isaacs is the matriarch of the award winning music group, The Isaacs. Her story started out as a young Jewish girl in the Bronx and this program reveals her story of unshakable faith.

Victoria Robinson

We feature author and television personality from HGTV, Victoria Robinson on her compelling story of losing her child due to lies. This is her story of unshakable faith.

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb is a Grammy Award winning artist who has been singing in front of audiences since his teen years. Join Terry Squires to hear his story of unshakable faith.

Rebekah Lyons

Best selling author and popular speaker Rebekah Lyons shares her story of overcoming fear, anxiety and depression.

Joan Evrist

On Today’s Life host Terry Squires sits to with Joan Evrist to explore her passionate ministry to women in prison and strip clubs.