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Paige Omartian

On Today’s Life be encouraged by the story of Paige Omartian who overcame cancer as a pre-teen. Discover how her faith led her to have a career in music.

J.T. Olson

On Today’s Life find out  how  J.T. Olson overcame the death of his parents as a child to lead the way help orphaned children  find homes.

Host Terry Squires leads the audience to this story of unshakable faith in how God can transform one life to touch many people.

Chonda Pierce

On Today’s Life,  host Terry Squires gets up close with Comedian Chonda Pierce as we find out how her life growing up fueled her fascinating comedic  material. Her unshakable faith has helped her overcome the recent loss of her husband.

CeCe Winans

On Today’s Life, host Terry Squires sits down with Grammy Award winning artist CeCe Winans and her husband Alvin. Discover how her new project produced with her son came our of their desire to Love this generation through song and the local church they pastor.

Dr. Tim Meyers

On Today¹s Life host Terry Squires gets the fascinating story of Emergency Room physician, Dr. Tim Meyers. His unshakable faith in the hospital is not something you normally hear out of the medical field.

Rob Morgan

On Today’s Life, host Terry Squires sits down with Author and pastor Robert J. Morgan concerning the challenges of staying vibrant in ministry in today’s society.

Kathy Carr

On Today’s Life host Terry Squires brings us the story of Kathy Carr and how she has overcome the powerful addiction to drugs. You don’t want to miss how her story of unshakable faith to freedom.

Rebecca Ahlstrom

Rebecca Ahlstrom’s story of Unshakeable Faith overcoming the loss of her daughter due to a drunk driving accident…

Dr. Grayson Woods

On Today’s Life host Terry Squires explores the story of Dr. Grayson Woods and how their family overcame her daughter’s diagnosis of Leukemia. Their story of unshakable faith will stir your heart.

Peter Rosenberger

On Today’s Life host Terry Squires sits down with with radio host Peter Rosenberger to discuss how he cares for his wife who has lost both of her legs in today’s story of unshakable faith.